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After more than 25 years in the market as one of the country’s primary European spare parts supplier for leading bus and truck marques, Whites Diesels Australia has decided to introduce FRP panels, truck body components and complete truck bodies. A wider selection of products, to give our customers more: more service, more quality, more choice.

FRP panels are Fibre Reinforced Plastic panels made of polymer matrix reinforced with fibres glass. Available in three main types, they all composed by FRP plates in both side and the body frame is made with aluminium alloy profiles. The difference between the three consists in the core materials:

FRP- HC (Polypropylene Plastic Honeycomb Composite): it can be definitely considered the Customer Favourite among the panels.
Lighter weight compared to the plywood, but strong material (thickness of 20mm). Which means more payload for the customers. It also presents a durable coat finish, which makes it impact resistant, and easy-to-clean.
Application: dry freight truck bodies as well as standard refrigerated bodies.

FRP-PW (Sandwich Wooden Composite): phenolic waterproof plywood. Such plates can resist really high temperatures, without deform nor discolour. Customers will choose this panel when they are looking for additional strength and durability.
Application: dry freight bodies, special type bodies, semitrailer freight bodies.

FRP-PU (Hard Polyurethane Composite): resistant to very low temperatures, this is the best insulated panel.
Application: cold storage compartments, refrigerated and freezer truck bodies.

All panels are available in either wall or roof panels, the difference is that roof panels will have built in cross beams for strength. Outside of the panels the accessories are just as popular and Whites Diesels Australia stocks everything from hinges, door seals, handles, lights, toolboxes, as well as structural steel components.
Another important characteristic is that FRP also has surprisingly significant environmental benefits due to its light weight, mechanical properties that have solid resistance to corrosion. Plastic typically has a bad reputation when it comes to the environment and suffers from the image of cheap limitation, compared to other materials. But when used correctly, FRP is a good option that is much more sustainable than aluminium, steel or timber. Many OEM use composite body parts, including FRP, to make trucks as light weight as possible to reduce costs and emissions. In the long term this saves thousands in litres of fuel and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Light weight, resistant, good quality at a very good price but also environmental friendly. It’s safe to say that Fibre Reinforced Platic Panels are a good option for Truck Bodies!


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