Just a small selection of parts we carry for the 2222, and a smattering of knowledge too!

Mercedes-Benz Specialists - 2222

Here at Whites Diesels we’re known as the Mercedes experts. Well you don’t build a reputation like that overnight, and we’ve had a few nights helping keep our customers’ fleets running to earn it.

We stock a wide range of parts to suit the venerable Merc 2222, also called the V Series, but first we’ll talk about some of the specifications the 2222 came in.

Mercedes-Benz NG 2222 (Neue Generation)


The OM421NA engine has the unusual honour of being affectionately called the “Chaff Cutter”, due to the distinctive sound of the odd-fire engine pattern.

  • OM 421 NA, V6, 185 kW (220 HP) @ 2000 rpm


We have it on good authority that 90% of the 2222’s sold in Australia were optioned with the W4D110 Mercedes-Benz automatic gearbox, while the remaining were delivered with the G3/65 8/9 Speed or GV4/90 12 Speed Synchro gearboxes.

  • W4D110 Mercedes Automatic Gearbox
  • G3/65 8/9 Speed Synchro Gearbox
  • GV4/90 12 Speed Synchro Gearbox

Years Produced

  • 1980 – 1992 (1988)

Typically you’ll find that most resources list the final year of production as 1988, however in Australia these models continued until the early 90’s, 1992 to be precise. They continued production for BFI, now called Suez, and for Reitman’s who we now know of as Remondis. The lineage of the truck hasn’t disappeared however, as the spirit of the truck can now be found in the Mercedes-Benz Econic.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

  • 22t

The 2222, being specially designed for the refuse industry, has a wider than normal chassis width. Commonly trucks have chassis widths of 860mm, but the 2222 has a width of 940mm. This additional 80mm can cause issues, especially concerning over-width if standard sized wheels and tyre combinations are fitted.

The 2222 could also be optioned with the big-brother OM 422 NA engine, which was a derated 280 HP version of the OM 421 NA. Sending the drive to the wheels were the W4B110 automatic, GV4/90 12 Speed, or optioned again with the Eaton Fuller Roadranger. The name for this uprated 2222? Well, Mercedes-Benz call it the 2225.

Mercedes-Benz 1222, 1422, 1622, 2222

Mercedes-Benz 1222, 1422, 1622, 2222
Pritschenwagen auf der Einfahrbahn
Photo courtesy of https://mercedes-benz-publicarchive.com/

Parts Available

This is only a small selection of parts to suit the Mercedes-Benz 2222. For in-depth parts knowledge, please contact the Parts Team in Sydney on 1300 657 645.

Part Number Description Notes
1J18003 Clutch, Slave Cylinder Sits on LHS of gearbox, mounting holes 130mm centre to centre
1F33002 Brake Drum, Rear Suits rear, 160mm hypoid, 10 stud
1P12001 Door Handle Replaces 3817250060
1Y36007 Seal, Trunnion Runner 143mm OD x 94mm ID x 125mm ID, stepped
1P11021 Pump, Cab Tilt Replaces 0005537901
1A52011 Injector Line, Emergency Replaces 4030700434

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