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Digitalisation in the automotive Industry


Digitalisation has transformed everyday living from communications to business operations – soon it will change how you drive your car. Though a slow digital adaptor the automotive industry is evolving, expect to see it transform from a hardware driven focused sector to software solutions orientated.

The automotive sector is said to become a digitalised living solution with internet connected vehicles existing by 2020. Recently market research companies Frost & Sullivan and IBM collaborated with major OEMs and suppliers at an event, providing further conclusions on how the automotive industry will evolve with five main points of focus (Forbes).

1.Connected Supply Chain
2. Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
3. Connected and Autonomous Car
4. Digital Retailing and Vehicle Relationship Management
5. Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Like passenger cars, truck and buses can expect similar changes. European manufactures are increasingly turning to digitalisation and automated features. In May this year Scania and MAN made new structural changes to adapt to the growing digitalisation of transport (Automotive World).

Volkswagen trucks is estimated to spend half a billion euros by the end of the decade to enhance the digital features of heavy goods, increasing their focus on automation in road hualage (Euractiv).

MAN Truck and Bus has expressed how they have been affected by digitalisation. Andreas Lawrenz, VP, Head of Digital Innovation Lab (X-Lab) at Man Truck and Bus, expressed in an interview they adapting to the high demand for transparency and changes to user behaviour (Innoboard).

The bus and truck industry is said to become more safe and efficient, shifting towards autonomous vehicles, automated features, improved communications, telematics and less CO2 emissions (Euractiv).

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