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The Crucial Role of Parts Interpreters

Automotive parts interpreters have a crucial role, sourcing the right part for the right vehicle. The trick of the trade is being able to remember as many individual parts, for a variety of different vehicle models, made by different manufacturers. It also helps to know what specific parts are needed for what mechanical issue.

These parts can range anywhere from batteries, headlights, tyres, seat covers, as well as engine, brake and transmission components.

When the wrong part is provided, the part then needs to be sourced again which is a loss of time and money.

It’s important to have an experienced Parts Interpreter, to not just avoid mistakes. Typically they can more efficiently source genuine parts, ensure fast turnaround time, all while saving you money.

A typical day in the life of a Parts Interpreter includes:

  • Communicating with customers to determine their part needs
  • Identifying vehicle make and model as well as automotive equipment
  • Recommending  parts to customers
  • Consults replacement parts catalogues or computer databases to identify and source parts
  • Receives orders for parts
  • Orders parts from suppliers and warehouse
  • Collects, packs, dispatches or delivers ordered parts
  • Keeps stock and sales records
  • Prepares invoices and other finance arrangements for the sale of stock
  • Calculates sales tax, discounts and prices
  • Processes cash or credit transactions
  • Assists with stocktaking
  • Assists customers in repairing or replacing parts

Bus and Truck Parts Interpreter

Unlike a car when a truck or bus is not on the road there is usually a company out there loosing time and money.  Whether it is a bus taking kids to school or a truck delivering goods.

Trucks and buses are mechanically complex machines that require hundreds of more parts in comparison to the everyday car. Not to mention the differences in manufacturers, models etc. which adds to the complexity.

Choose Bus and Truck Part Experts

For over 25 years, Whites Diesels Parts Interpreters have provided quality bus and truck part services. With guaranteed genuine OE parts, minimised downtime, just-in-time delivery, proactive recommendations, on site warehousing, data driven tailored service schedules. The Whites team keep you on the road, by providing quality parts to maintain your fleet.

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