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Stay safe this winter with brake maintenance


Brakes are one of buses and trucks most important safety systems and should be maintained regularly, especially when cooler weather hits, creating harsh driving conditions. Minimise downtime and optimise safety this winter by undergoing brake maintenance.

The service life of your brake components depends on mileage, landscape, driving conditions and driving style. Bus pads and rotors tend to wear out more quickly from the continuous amount of stop-and-go driving. When the friction-generating pads are nearly worn out, a small metal tab attached to each one contacts the surface of that brake rotor, creating a high-pitched squeal, a cue to go to the garage and get them checked. Please note faulty brakes don’t always show signs, so it’s a good idea for a quick once-over before going into winter. If your brakes need replacing, it is recommended to use quality OE brake pads and disc rotors.

Our suggestion is TEXTAR BRAKE PADS AND DISC ROTORS (ECE-R90 approved),  that fit 70% of European commercial vehicles and are subjected to very strict and complex tests.

Textar Brake Pads are premium quality OE TMD FRICTION, the components are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance, service life and comfort.

Especially in the CV sector disk brake pads are exposed to extreme conditions and loads. Therefore, a secure bonding of the friction material to the backing plate is required. Depending on the application area and thermal load, different mechanical processes are used to improve the bonding forces:

  • Steel plate with brass pin (TMD patent)
  • Cast plate with brass pin (TMD patent)
  • Cast plate with cast-on pins (integral cast plate)
  • Steel plate with weld mesh

Applying these techniques ensures an endurable bonding of the friction material to the backing plate even in extreme thermal overload conditions. In other words: Optimum, Safety and Comfort.

Whites Diesels is always about quality.  Did you know that Textar Brake Pads are tested  on the road?  The “Alpine Descent” on the Stelvio Pass is the most extreme test a brake system can go through. Learn more about it.

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