Preventative maintenance tool to cut costs

Automotive Lubricant Monitoring

Automotive Lubricant Monitoring (ALM) or commonly known as routine oil analysis, should be a part of any successful maintenance program. Most bus and truck fleets spend at least 10 percent of their revenues on maintenance and equipment repair.


This easily adds up to thousands of dollars per year with the cost of equipment downtime, decreased productivity, and devalued used machines. Having the right Automotive Lubricant Monitoring program can work as preventative maintenance tool by measuring equipment reliability through routine tests that can prepare or fix a problem before it occurs to save costs.



Automotive Lubricant Monitoring benefits: 

  • Wear analysis – Monitors how much and source of that component’s wear.
  • Foreign Matter Detection – Notifies of unwanted contaminants, such as dirt, water, coolant, nitration, fuel and incorrect oil.
  • Condition Monitoring – Extending a bus or trucks service life through the lubricant’s suitability for further service time.
  • Lubricant and Oil Analysis – Dilution of lubricants, misapplication of lubricants, the oil’s physical properties.

Whites Diesels Automotive Lubricant Monitoring program take oil analysis to the next level by concentrating on root cause analysis. Equipment diagnosis and evaluating test results involves looking at the condition of the equipment and the quality of the oil.

Over time the data collected becomes a valuable tool as it monitors ongoing equipment condition and allows you to predict corrective action before it happens to operations. Effective data analysis minimises vehicle downtime, and allow more efficient maintenance scheduling, protect warranty claims, and increase parts resale value.



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