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Benefits of an Oil Analysis

Did you know oil could provide several benefits to your bus or truck fleet, we’re not talking about oil quality… this is about cutting maintenance costs through oil analysis and a proactive based machine condition monitoring program.

An analysis of engine, transmission and hydraulic oils can identify potential problems before a major repair is necessary.


What is oil analysis?

Oil analysis is sampling and analysing oil for properties and materials that indicate wear and contamination in an engine, transmission or hydraulic system. When performed regularly an oil analysis can indicate when abnormal wear or contamination tends to occur.

An oil analysis shows how the equipment was used and what condition it is in. As moving parts make contact in the bus or truck, wear occurs and adds metal particles to the oil. The particles are tiny that they remain in suspension and in the combustion process they get trapped in the oil. The oil can also be exposed to external contamination.

Measuring these impurities shows the rate of wear and level of contamination. The oil analysis suggests methods to reduce accelerated wear and contamination.

Oil Analysis Benefits – Combustion Engines

For example in engines oil, analysis can work as a preventative maintenance tool by providing information on the following:

  • Condition of the air system by monitoring the silicon (dirt) levels in the oil.
  • Iron and aluminum levels can warn of piston and cylinder wear before a big failure.
  • Bearing wear can be measured to monitor the crankshaft.
  • Fuel dilution, anti-freeze leaks and water entry can also be detected.
  • Levels of contamination and combustion soot in the oil can show a restricted air intake system, ineffective oil filters, poor combustion or a rich fuel/air ratio.


How to get an oil analysis

At Whites Diesels we perform oil analysis for bus and truck fleets for your convenience. Contact us to get an oil analysis today!

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