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Four ways GPS tracking can increase productivity and eliminate payroll issues


Most truck and bus fleet owners know GPS tracking is an effective way to help reduce fuel and fleet costs – using GPS systems to save fuel costs through improved routing and data collection of driver speed and idle time.

But did you know, there are advanced GPS fleet tracking systems that offer tools to help improve driver productivity and increase payroll efficiency!?

Here’s four ways you can solve productivity and payroll issues using an advanced GPS fleet tracking systems:

1. Improved Routing

GPS truck and bus tracking can allow fleet owners to know the location of every vehicle in the fleet. This can be used to route and direct a delivery truck to a job site, while providing insights on traffic delays or reroute if drivers get lost. Lowering fuel consumption, reducing wear and tear through routing is an obvious benefit, but less time spent on the road also means more time completing more jobs.

2. Monitor Inefficient Employee Practises

Productivity often increases when GPS tracking is implemented, due to staff driving and working more efficiently in knowing their vehicles are monitored.  Bus or truck fleet owners can see when drivers are wasting too much time idling in one location, take longer than usual to complete a job or go off the direct route. By using data like idle times, mileage, speed and engine on time, fleet owners can monitor employee performance.

3. Automate Timesheets & Payroll

Truck and bus fleets can automate payroll to pay employees accurately. GPS systems track when a vehicle starts and shut down for the day, providing an automated record of how long an employee worked. Advanced GPS systems usually provide a reporting functionality to use as an electronic time sheet.

4. Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

Finally GPS bus and truck tracking can help fleet owners to make sure employees use their vehicles only for authorised purposes during specific hours. Business owners can set alerts to be notified if a truck or bus is used during off hours or goes off route. This can improve productivity and reduce liability of drivers using vehicles on off hours.


GPS fleet tracking allows bus and truck fleets to decrease fuel consumption, increase profit margins, provide GPS solutions on productivity and payroll.

Whites Diesels recommends choosing a GPS tracking provider with minute by minute tracking, traffic reporting, monitor idle time & engine status, management reports & alerts, automated time sheets and historical reporting.

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