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Customer Clarks Logan City Bus Services 40yr jubilee

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Tuesday May 10, 2016
– Reg and Yvonne Clark together with Director Graham Davis, their employees and business contacts were celebrating their 40th anniversary last month. A milestone to be proud of, says Darryl White, co-founder of Whites Diesels’ and supplier of replacement parts to Clarks Logan City Bus Services for a really long time.

What is their strategy to be in the bus service business for such a long time in a changing market? We asked Neil Lewis, Workshop Manager/Fleet Coordinator and he replied:  “Clarks Logan City Bus Service has just celebrated our 40th birthday for the business, stating from 1 vehicle and growing slowly while being ever aware of customer requirements to a current fleet of 124 vehicles. We have become fairly standardised in the type of vehicle we now run to meet service contract requirements and a large part of our selection of vehicles to use revolves around our partner businesses/suppliers and their willingness to support our business with the quality of service and ability to deliver us the required components as required. This has led to us forming long lasting business relationships with key suppliers such as Whites Diesels who can supply us a large range of OEM quality parts at not only reasonable prices but with excellent service time.

Clarks Logan City Bus Service is an Australian operator of bus services in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. It operates 28 services under contract to the Government of Queensland under the TransLink banner. In 1987 Clarks Bus Service purchased Greenline Bus Service. In September 1995 Rochedale Bus Service was purchased. In 2003 it was rebranded as Clarks Logan City Bus Service. Their Bus Service is one of South East Queensland’s larger providers, with a fleet of more than 124 buses.

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