NHVR's COR Tool has features aimed at Bus Industry

Bus Specific NHVR Chain of Responsibility Tool Now Available

Bus Specific NHVR Chain of Responsibility Tool Now Available

NHVR's COR Tool has features aimed at Bus Industry

The NHVR have reported that they’ve updated their online safety assessment tool to help heavy vehicle operators and fleets to identify gaps in their safety systems, and bring in new features designed for the bus industry that were sorely missed in the 2017 update.

Queensland Transport and Main Road Minister Mark Bailey said the NHVR’s Gap Assessment Tool had been simplified and upgraded to assist operators to examine their current systems against known risks and recognised best practice.

This simplification should produce better results for time-poor owner-drivers and small fleets trying to make ends meet, especially during tough times like they are currently. We’ve previously heard slights against NVHR’s tool for being tough to use and understand, especially in the early days.

“Heavy vehicle operators tell us they want a quick and easy tool to assess their business’s safety compliance with their Chain of Responsibility obligations,” Mr Bailey said. “Now more than ever we want the entire supply chain working together to assist drivers to operate safely and efficiently.”

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the re-launched Gap Assessment Tool included a number of new features, including:

  • New bus-specific version to provided targeted guidance for the bus industry
  • Simplified recommendations which link to NVHR resources, website information, and external material such as the Load Restraint Guide and the Master Industry Code of Practice
  • Links to relevant National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme material
  • New easier-to-read format
  • Links to quick briefs and relevant sections of Heavy Vehicle National Law.

“The Tool includes a number of relevant questions which can be completed in less than 15 minutes and has been updated to link to the additional support information such as the NHVR’s Safety Management System material and the Master Industry Code of Practice,” he said.

“The updated tool replaced the original version which was launched in 2017 and used more than 20,000 times to support major changes to Chain of Responsibility laws which were introduced in October 2018.”

If you’re about to use NHVR’s COR we’re interested to hear how you’ve changed your business practices to meet your new requirements.

To use the updated tool visit www.nhvr.gov.au/gap-assessment-tool

How to use the CoR gap assessment tool

Via –  NHVR

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