Rod Pulbrook, Transdev NSW

And the winner is ...

Winner of the Competition question Customer Survey

Scott Stevens, Whites Diesels hands out a gift card to Rod Pullbrook, Transdev NSW.

Thursday February 23, 2016 – In January we sent out a customer survey. The response was quite positive and interesting. Our customer service is considered as excellent, including our responsiveness to our customers. Most of our customers say brand preference and pricing are more important factors for their buying decision than for example delivery in time and promotions.

Number of parts in stock

The Customer Survey also included a competition question of how many part numbers are in stock of Whites Diesels? Rod Pulbrook, general manager of Transdev NSW is the winner of this competition question. His answer was the closest. The right answer to the completion question was 18,000 parts in stock of Whites Diesels. Pulbrook’ answer was 16,500 parts. Rod told us “it was an honest guess!”

Preventative maintenance

From the replies of our customers in the customer survey we understood that there are some key factors what make them decide to choose a certain part. We asked Rod Pulbrook what he for example considers the ideal share of preventative maintenance work in the overall scope of work carried out at his depots. “We would like to see preventative maintenance work of about 80% of all repair and maintenance work carried out”, says Rod Pulbrook.

$250 for Beyond Blue

Rod Pulbrook could spend the $250 gift card for new parts or donate the amount to a charity of his choice. He decided to donate the money to “Beyond Blue”. Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

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