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Why choose SONAX?

SONAX is represented in more than 100 countries around the globe and well known as top brand in the field of cleaning and maintenance products.

When developing products, SONAX attaches great value to:

• Powerful formulas for low consumption
• Easy dosage
• Helpful application accessories
• Broad applications of products
• Perfectly harmonised processes

You too can profit from this expertise and optimise your overall operating costs!

What is included?

1 x SONAX SX MultiStar 5L

Indispensable for the cleaning of all interior and exterior areas of vehicles

  • Ensures maximum cleaning power with high material compatibility
  • The cleaner removes oil and grease dirt contamination just as well as insects. Rubber and plastic components are not adversely affected
  • The formula with its pleasantly fresh fragrance is especially suitable for the used car restoration

1 x SONAX Intensive Cleaner

A “must” for the professional appearance of your fleet

  • It is a powerful, highly alkaline cleaning concentrate for thoroughly removing stubborn dirt form commercial vehicles, HGV tarpaulins and caravans
  • The formula is suitable for processing through HP equipment as well as for the intensive prewash
  • Effortlessly removes even the most stubborn contamination such as resinified residues, oil and grease encrustations as well as extremely adherent insect residue
  • The product is economical in consumption and also can be used as an acid-free wheel cleaner

1 x SONAX Profiline Glass Cleaner

  • Effortlessly removes insects, oil, silicone exhaust and nicotine residues from all interior and exterior glass surfaces
  • Dries quickly and without streaks, due to the use of specially softened water

+ FREE GIFT – Spray Vaporiser

  • Volume: 1.25 litres
  • For acidic/ alkaline products
  • With adjustable spray nozzle

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