Adam Betts, Regents Park Truck Alignment

“I like to go fast… in anything!”

Adam Betts has been around trucks since he was 2. At that tender age, he used to travel to and from work with his ‘old man’ and end up “covered in grease”. “My dad was a boilermaker and mechanic, so I’d say his interest in mucking about with old cars has had a fairly good pull on my life”, says Adam. Adam’s been involved in the automotive industry, literally all his working life. In fact, he left school on a Friday and started work as an apprentice at Regents Park Truck Alignment the following Monday… and he’s never left! “Yep… I started work as an apprentice”, said Adam, “… worked my way up to become a Manager and when the boss decided to retire, he asked if I’d like to take over. So I now own the company I started with as a kid!”


Adam’s been a customer of Whites Diesels for some 10 years, buying parts like shocks, shackles and kingpins to use for the steering repairs and wheel alignments he undertakes. He’s also a member of the same Truck Club as Whites staffer Garry Houghton… the rather grandly named ‘Pioneer Timber Cutters Machinery Club’. There are about 75 members in the club who regularly drive to meeting places in their old trucks and then go on runs to towns where Truck Shows are being held. They love joining other “buffs, collectors and historians” as Adam calls them and chewing the fat over a cold one or two.

adam-betts_in-the-drivers-seat-at-dubbo-truck-show adam-betts_trucks-at-the-dubbo-showubbo

All of which sounds rather slow and sedentary… but Adam assures me there’s another side to him. “I actually just love going fast”, he says. “That’s why I’m into Drag Racing. I started by driving old XY Falcons in street meets alongside my brother in his blown and injected Cortina. (We still practice in that one.) “But now I’m building a specialty Ford F100 Drag Car from scratch. I’ve been at it for four to five years now and it’s cost me about $60k so far. But it’s going to be great when it’s finished and I’ll definitely be driving it in registered races.” I carefully asked Adam his age, to which he proudly answered: “I’m only 42… and this is my passion! Besides which… it keeps me out of the pub, doesn’t it?”

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